Old Handkerchief

After the end of a long day, he just put his bag aside and went straight into his grandfather’s room. He saw that he is busy in reading the newspaper which he read 2-3 times in a day. Ravi called him straight from kitchen” daadu tea is ready come here in living room “. Ravi switched on the TV and on a channel an advertisement of Parachute Advance Body Lotion was showing.

Watch advertisement here:-

Ravi took the remote to change the channel as his grandfather is sitting with him but his grandfather stops him. His grandfather curiously watching the advertisement and after the end of the advertisement, he went into his room. When he didn’t come out of the room after 10 minutes, ravi goes towards the room to check whether everything is alright. When he was about to knock the door his grandfather open the door with his old tape recorder in one hand and a handkerchief in other.

He put that tape recorder on the top of the table and told ravi to switch it on. When tape recorder starts a melodious voice of a lady came singing a beautiful song having charming lyrics. His grandfather expands that handkerchief and put it on his face. When the song ended ravi asked him “what was that daadu “.
Ravi this was the voice of your grandmother , she sang this song for me , which was wrote by me and whenever I came tired from office I used to put the handkerchief on my face and your grandmother sang this song and slowly removes this handkerchief from my face with this smooth hand. When I saw that advertisement, I remember her and due to this I did this. You can forget words of your love, smell of your love, time of your love but you will never forget the touch of your love.

 P.S :- this story is for the Happy Hour Contest at Indiblogger. #BringbacktheTouch .

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